Hombre de tu Vida Capítulo 6

Hombre de tu Vida Capítulo 6 - Hello friends here we bring you the best novels you enjoy the place they are, this time featuring the soap opera Hombre de tu Vida Capítulo 6, the capítulos, you'll find on its opening day without fail. If you notice that the video does not play, please report it to repair it as soon as possible and thus can continue to enjoy your favorite soap opera without restrictions.
Without further ado, proceed to Hombre de tu Vida Capítulo 6 in your Vida.les leave the video to enjoy with your friends and do not forget to comment.
Hombre de tu Vida Capítulo 6 Sinopsis
Hugo Bermudez has so far been a common man, hardworking, honest and devoted father of a teenager who grew up alone, but is about to discover the object of love of hundreds of women.
Affected by the mid-life crisis that has left him unemployed and emotionally wounded, Hugo accept, under pressure, work in the company "The love of your life" that promises a microenterprise Creole men and women found their soulmate.
But the task is not simple, call more women than men, so the company hires Hugo to be the ideal man joker. Interpreting different male personalities and taking into account the wishes of clients, Hugo goes to appointments not only with a different name and appearance, has a hidden purpose: that women are dazzled with it at first but end up disappointed and ask another man or give up the task.
With each woman, Hugo up a story that crosses different emotional and takes him to get involved to help resolve the conflict of the lady in question. Perform this task, also help to confront the ghosts of his life. Only closed for years and love will begin to feel that maybe not too late to fall in love again and forget.

Hombre de tu Vida Capítulo 6

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