Entre El Amor Y El Deseo Capitulo 159 - Hello friends here we bring you the latest capitulo in his telenovela Entre El Amor Y El Deseo Capitulo 159 to be enjoyed in the comfort of your home, view it online only here in BlogBabeh | Capitulos Online.
Claudia and Luis Carlos was found for the first time in a beautiful waterfront home, owned by Don Edgar Dumont, where this story begins, Between Love and Desire. When Luis Carlos and Claudia start using his first sand castle, the true love, an ocean wave, sweeping and unforgiving, is to bring it down in one fell swoop, is Patricia Dumont, a wise woman and dangerous. Patricia feels an irresistible attraction to Luis Carlos and harassed until seduce him, thus causing a catastrophe that never imagine, because Renata Dumont surprises together, turning against its full fury. That night at the beach house Dumont family, Renata offers a wonderful holiday and takes the opportunity to humiliate Luis Carlos to the guests, unaware that their angry cries of dogs Don Edgar Dumont, who attack without control . Luis Carlos Renata accused of attempted murder and sent to prison, separating it from love and desire. With the support of Edgar Dumont, and after several years, Luis Carlos out of jail ready to regain the love and confidence of Claudia and the seaside where they fell in love, asks her to marry him.

Just then, to prevent it reappeared Patricia Dumont, who is willing to reveal their innermost secrets, with which you can destroy the love, trust and good intentions of Luis Carlos to start a new life. A love that faced lies and intrigue, a passion that does not let off, a man who lives torn.
Enjoy the best definition audio and video at high speed. See it on May 5, 2011.

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