El Clon Capítulo 104

El Clon Capítulo 104 - This capitulo is for the day Friday May 6, 2011. You can see all the capitulos of strategic soap opera that airs on  TV. On this website you can also  see all  the capitulos of this Telenovela. We hope you enjoy this great telenovela
Clone :
The telenovela tells the story of Jade and Lucas. Jade is a young woman of Arab descent should go live with his father's family in Morocco, after the death of his mother. Lucas is a young romantic, Diego's twin brother and son of a powerful businessman. When Lucas is on vacation in Morocco, he meets Jade and, having crossed eyes awakens the love between the two, which would trigger the story of the novel.

However, cultural differences either do not allow to be together. Thus, they seek ways to realize their love, while a previously written target will be marking everything that happens in their lives, and those of the other characters that surround them, in a magical story in which no one can predict what happens next.

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