Ni Contigo Ni Sin Ti capitulo 36 Telenovela - Enjoy watching your favorite soap opera Ni Contigo Ni Sin Ti Capitulo 36 online. This chapter is for the day Monday April 18, 2011. You can see all the capitulos of strategic telenovela broadcast by  Televisa.

Ni Contigo Ni Sin Ti : Leo is blinded by an accident at fifteen years old, is very optimistic and happy and lives on a pension along with many others including this Gianna, the daughter of the landlady, is a middle-class girl, good girl, but has a very bad temper and love to read dispute with Sabrina, a young belonging to the upper class, friendly and good family, but it has an unattractive defect, is a kleptomaniac . She steals insignificant objects, in order, well hidden, to call the attention of those around her.The story revolves around other relationships, which emerge around the characters is Leo, and Gianna, who must overcome his defects that separates them as well quedran anemigos that separate them.

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