La Teacher de Ingles Capitulo 68 Telenovela - Enjoy watching your favorite soap opera chapters of La Teacher de Ingles Capitulo 68 online. This capitulor is for the day Monday April 18, 2011. You can see all the capitulos of strategic telenovela broadcast by Televisa.
La Teacher de Ingles : Kike is a hard worker, owner of the company's apparel women's underwear which he founded with Mercedes, a woman who ended his happiness to leave by a very wealthy gringo.

After overcoming his despair, Kike manages to push through their company and start searching for businesses in the U.S., but do not speak English comes as Luis Fernando, a cousin who lives in Miami, which he did not really like, but sees it as his only option. After a chance, Luis, who is involved with drug trafficking and has some outstanding debts, go on Kike and your business the best way out of their problems.
Because business relationships starts with a group of Americans, Kike decides to start studying English. There he meets Pili, their teacher, a pretty woman, with economic problems and has a boyfriend in the U.S., but can not go see him because he has been denied a visa.
Kike since I go to Pili is in love with her ​​and hires her to give you private lessons. In this way, he decides to take this opportunity to also convey their knowledge to the employees of the company.

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