Herederos de una Venganza capitulo 49 Telenovela - BlogBabeh | Capitulos Online In Herederos present you a free online Revenge Capitulo  49, this capitulo  will be  broadcasted  day Wednesday April 13, 2011.
You can enjoy all the chapters of this spectacular soap opera that is transmitted by the Televisa channel.
Herederos de una Venganza : Herederos tells the stories of the inhabitants of Vidisterra, a small town devoted almost exclusively to growing grapes and producing wine. In Vidisterra there is one winery that has all the vineyards and all jobs. Antonio (Castro) agronomist, will stop in this remote place with the sole purpose of marriage with Angie, his girlfriend - and sister of his dear friend Rafael (Amador) - who wishes to marry in the village where she was born. People who, paradoxically, also will witness - and scenery - of his untimely and mysterious death ...

But something dark is cooked well in the cellar of the winery over Vidisterra. There he meets an ancient loggia led by Grand Master (Alfredo Alcon) and which involved the most prominent and
People Power: Commissioner Vicente Roca (Grimau), the millionaire Regina Piave, the Mayor Octavio Capogreco (Ranni) and Judge Eugene Pratt Santos (Miguel Dedovich) This lodge worshipful of the vine and wine believed in the prophecies revealed by the Grand Master through the Holy Book. The most important of these prophecies said that the end of the world is coming and that Vidisterra is the chosen people to survive the disaster. However, for these lands can be saved, it is necessary to make a great sacrifice.

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