El secreto de Puente Viejo Capítulo 34 online - Do not miss the 34th capitulo of the new series of Antena 3 "El secreto de Puente Viejo" for free on 11 April just after the series 'Shoulder'.

Synopsis :
In a stormy night, Pepa, a young illiterate apprentice midwife, is betrayed by Carlos, his master and mistress, to take away their son to give to his wife, who has just died giving birth to a son. Expelled from the village, beaten and half dead, is armed with courage and promises never to forget that child who gave birth between brown. The years have passed, and in 1902, Pepa has become hardened by a midwife while performing his work traveling until it reaches Old Bridge, a small rural town, straddling tradition and modernity, where the labor movement only get a few whispers. Want destination there is crossover with Tristan, a retired military who returns home after years of battle to be reunited with his pregnant wife and unstable Sorrows, who had a son shortly after he left for war. Despite this, between Pepa and he will be born a powerful love at the same time impossible, since their fate is bound by a past that connects them all and going back to those facts that they turned the life of Pepa. Murky secrets that will draw to light the possibility of recovering her lost son.

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