A Corazón Abierto Segunda Temporada

A Corazón Abierto Segunda Temporada - In this sequel, which Andrew is imprisoned in a crash. Augusto has an accident in which its entire body was burned and unrecognizable (Ivan Lopez to replace Juan Pablo Espinoza.) arrive new characters, among them, Felipe Becerra (Marlon Moreno), Rafael Gomez (Ivan Lopez), Violeta Botero (Carolina War) and one unknown son of Dr. Javier Burgos, Burgos Diego (Juan Sebastian Quintero). Many sources say the actress and model Lauren Meritano Argentina will also be on the show, and more. Mauritius was discovered by Helena Cavalier on medication.

In addition, in advance, a patient is in critical condition due to a power outage, possibly caused by Germain de la Pava. And you can see a possible romance between Burgos and the character played by Carolyn Guerra, who in the same can also be seen that it is an old friend of Claudia. Finally, Rafael Gomez (Ivan Lopez) will replace the resident Augusto Maza, by way of being is a physician who is talented but undisciplined.
In another advancement presented, it appears to Dr Guerra (Rafael Novoa) in a surgery where the patient and at a time when the beep sound which means Dr Rivas died and cried uncontrollably.

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