Today is a day that will be historic for my family. Because today is the day we occupy our new house we just bought.. The house is located in the complex is not far from our old house. Me and my family had to move from the old house because our old house will be occupied by our grandmother. Today we are planning to furniture shopping needs. My dad really liked to drink beer with its unique glass collection. My dad did have many unique glass collections. For that, my father makes decorations Mini Bar at home to drink wine while enjoys his hobby. But the father was looking for a new rack for the collection of bottles and glasses father.

Once my father never had wine glass rack to place his collection of wine glasses. But the shelves are left in the old house. My father wants to buy a new one. After last night looking for information online about the shelves of his wine glass, my father finally ordered some shelves that he needs. Like hanging wine glass rack and shelf drinks for my father used to tell her. For that I chose good glass racks for glasses where the existing home. It is also the father bought stemware rack to complement the beauty and decoration of a mini bar in my father's house. Hobbies drinking father had long existed. Although he almost drink beer, but he never traveled out of the house. He prefers to design his own bar at home to indulge his drinking.

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hendrie k_bejo said...

Pertamaxxxxsss mang...Gurame nungguan uy..!!
Diantos2 Teu papendak !!
Comeng Balik beh

devianty said...

Happy Idul Fitri beh...Nice post...

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